Monday, June 23, 2008

A Balanced Life

Yesterday I lost my balance and fell. I always thought I had great balance but apparently I was kidding myself. It happened while visiting a friend's bric-a-brac shoppe in Clinton, New Jersey. She has a ton of bric-a-brac and it's all tightly packed on shelves lining each side of the narrow shoppe.

I am embarassed to say I was demonstrating my newest trick with our dog, Roxy. The trick goes like this. I faux kick the dog and she rolls over as if having been struck. Actually when performed well, it looks like I am kicking the dog. Occurs to me that this actually is a horrifying trick and says something bad about me to begin with.

So, there I was -- dog, friends, me, narrow bric-a-brack shoppe. I swipe at the dog (she is not really cooperating as this is unfamiliar location) and my foot passes over her. And there I go, a-wobblying, teetering backwards and then down with a loud crash, sprawling into the bric-a-brac shelving and its many wonderous items.

So, there I lay for a moment trying not to move. I want to preserve any undamaged shop items (by laying on them longer?). At long last, my wife and friends retrieve me from my accidental lounging position.

The shop owner, a dear friend, peeked out from behind the counter to make sure I hadn't hurt myself then after my assurances I was OK, went back to her business. She was kind enough not to check on possible damages to her wares.

Amazingly, I destroyed no bric-a-brac How is this possible? I really crashed into the items. Fortunately, most of the wares were bottled in plastic containers. The one or two items that I could have smashed, I apparently didn't. The only thing damaged was my pride.

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