Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dear New Yorker - Fire Your Editor

I sent this note to the editors of the New Yorker this morning regarding the cover displaying Obama and his wife as Muslim terrorists.

My wife and I are life-long democrats and professionals in our fields. We were both sickened at the Obama cover this week. If this is satire, it widely misses the mark. Do you actually believe that this cover will NOT be used politically? Do you believe that the tens of thousands of families that would who have made sacrifices during the war in Iraq would laugh at these "clever" portrayals? Do you think the international community will marvel at this display of wit? And to be politically "fair," will next week's cover portray John McCain as a dottering, confused fascist? Wow, wouldn't that be sarcastic?

I believe that the New Yorker has the right to publish whatever it wants under our constitutional freedoms, but I think this type of treatment of a Presidential candidate is simply tasteless and plays to the lowest common denominator of humanity. Now excuse me, I have to go watch the new episode of Bridezilla.

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