Monday, October 27, 2008

This Just In..

John McCain latest campaign strategy: blame the Congress as well as Bush for everything bad that has happened to this country during the past 8 years. Did he forget he was prominent part of the Congress for the past 26 years? And isn't it his experience that makes him a better candidate?

Our new corporate "people" strategy hit a snag when we discovered we had almost no employees under the age of 30 on which to pass our boomers' knowledge and experience. Oops!

Grey's Anatomy has hit new heights of lowness. This TV show used to be a sweet, often touching story about struggling young interns growing up professionally and emotionally. That storyline worked well for about a year. Progressively, the show has turned from a hospital into a 'ho house' where everyone gets it on with pretty much everyone else!

For instance, this past episode featured one of the dreamy male doctors teaching a inexperienced lesbian doctor on how to go "down" on another lesbian doctor. He had to demonstrate, of course, because this is a teaching hospital! Quoth he to fellow physician seeking guidance: "take your pants off." Doctors orders will never be the same. BTW, this is not one of my must see TV shows -- I just happen to be around when is is aired. :-)

The financial difficulties the nation faces now are huge. It might not affect each of us, but it will affect some folks you know. I am not a macro-micro economist but it seems to me this breakdown is the result of several factors.

  1. We all wanted more of everything but the bill for everything came in the mail yesterday.

  2. Alan Greenspan -- who looks like he can't grow grass, grew our economy?How could this old fool have hung on so long? Was he really babbling in front of Congress last week? How much damage did he do on his watch?

  3. Our government leaders are far more concerned about their partisan affiliation then they are for the people who elected them.

  4. The banks disregarded their fiduciary interest on our behalf -- for more profits on their behalf.

  5. The appointed regulators -- like the SEC --just went along for the ride.

  6. Oh, and did I mention greed?

Who will pay for all these transgressions? I think the most affected will be the housing and financial industries, followed fairly closely by everyone else. We'll see. How far into your individual pocket will this recession reach? Again, we'll see.

My beautiful and politically astute wife blames the failing American Car industry for victimizing itself. It made the wrong kinda cars all along sez she.  Point well taken, but excessively large gas guzzlers was what America wanted and expected from Ford and Chevy. As recently as 2 years ago, massive behemoths like the Ford Expedition roamed the highways. The American car industry really wasn't serious about a plan "b" and really didn't have to be. If you wanted trucks or truck type cars, you went to them. However, if you wanted reliable, cost-effective transportation, you chose foreign esp. Honda or Toyota. Along the way, the foreign car builders did build a plan 'b.' And some of their branding as efficient reliable car builders transferred to the trucks and SUVs they made as well. As it turns out, Japan may have the last dealership standing.

Whenever I want to get mad, I tune into Sean Hannity on the way home from work.  He usually makes my stomach churn within minutes.  Today he was harping on an interview done by a newswoman in North Carolina with Joe Biden.  

Newswoman:  Here's a quote from Karl Marx (reads a quote about redistribution of wealth to everyone).  Does Karl Marx and Obama have the same philosophy?

Biden: (with a laugh in his voice) Is this a joke?  Is this a real question?   Are you serious? 

Hannity goes on about how Biden was reactive and angry (but he sure didn't sound angry) and he ducked the question all Americans should have an answer to.  I really want to throw up now so I change the channel. 

How can people -- republicans or democrats -- listen to crap like this? Sean Hannity sounds like a skinhead too much of the time and its frightening to me that he has an audience! There really ought to be a line drawn somewhere about how far these "pundits" both dems and republicans can stretch and twist words. 

It's coincidental that two young man described as skinheads by the FBI were picked up in Tennessee.  They are accused of having a plot to kill black people and Obama while they were at it.  

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