Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fall Spectacular in New Jersey

I can't remember a more gorgeous fall in Central Jersey than this current edition. Here are some photos from around the neighborhood to prove my point.

Like most everything else when you get older, Autumn spurs many memories of years goes by -- some pleasant and some not so pleasant. And some are melancholy.

The last Autumn I remember so clearly that rivals the beauty of this year is 1989. This was the year of a big earthquake in San Francisco when highways buckled, buildings shook and a nation held its breath. This was the year that the Eastern Bloc Eurpoean countries began to break with the Soviet Union. This was the year that the Berlin Wall came down.

And this was the year that Kay, my beloved wife of 19 years and mother of Kris and Dave, passed away after a relatively short illness. Whether it really was a brilliant Autumn that year or perhaps it was just nature was "amplified" by the seeming disconnect with our lives and nature. If that makes any sense. This was a horrible but beautiful Fall.

1964 was one of the most pleasant of Autumns of 1964 went I entered Rutgers marked the beginning of major life changes for me.  Truly it was the Spring of my adulthood.

That same year I had a car and I was smitten with a girl -- we went to Rutgers football games  and life couldn't have been more sweet. The next year she and her family left the country and broke my tender little heart.  It was at that point that I started writing -- letters, poetry, stories.   I began then to realize what a release this would be over my lifetime.

The last photo above features our new Schnauzer -- Roxy.  

But enough about us.  How about your favorite Autumn story? Use the comments button below!

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  1. Hi Bob,
    Mine is 'No problem'. Like when you thank a store clerk or a waitress and they say 'no problem'. I know I wasn't a problem and you were simply doing your job. 'You're welcome' is always better.
    PS. Interesting Blog...You're already missed in the BCBL