Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Some True Things

IRS Has A Cruel Sense of Musical Humor!

I called the IRS for an extension for a minor income tax dispute. While I waited on the phone for almost 20 minutes while they chatted with "other customers," However, I was treated to musical selections from Tchaichovsky's NutCracker -- music traditionally associated with Holiday gift giving! And here it was late Summer and 80 degrees out.

Not to mention the irony of the Nutcracker itself.

As for those "other customers," what is it that they are doing to make them customers? Does the IRS sell something? Or does this mean we're "always right?"

New Jersey Transit Cares!
While riding the commuter train to Newark:
1. Conductor: "We will depart in a couple of minutes while we respot the train to accommodate a wheelchair commuter"
2. Moments later, train pulls out of station. We didn't notice any "respotting."
3. Minutes later in our packed train car: Conductor says loudly to Assistant Conducter "Did you get the wheel chair on board?"
4. Assistant Conductor to Conductor "No."
5. Conductor "Oh." Both turn around and walk away.
6. Visions of handicapped person cursing the train as it pulled away!

Your Corporation Cares ... Now
The rush to retirement by Boomers has raised a new concern among our heartless corporations. Some Gen X leaders are beginning to wonder who will they lead in the coming years? So, HR departments are devising strategies to keep some of us experienced geezers, coots and old bats on the job instead of retiring. These are the same people Corporations would have recently been happy to divest themselves of -- not to mention their larger salaries.

Are Owners of Smart Cars Really Smart?
The Smart Car is basically a Go-Cart with a roof and side-by-side seating. I drive the NJ Turnpike every morning to work and have been noticing a number of Smart Cars lately. Seems like They are always in the fast lane. Keep in mind that the minimum speed that cars travel on the Turnpike is about 75 and they are about 25 feet apart from each other.
If that isn't dangerous enough, half the vehicles are Monster SUVs driven by people on cell phones. This should be terrifying to the average driver in an average sized car, much less a "Smart" Car Driver. Makes me wonder what the demographis is for Smart Car buyers. Tree-hugging Evil Kneivels?

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