Friday, October 3, 2008

A Visceral Response to the VP Debate

The presidential debates never fail to depress and bore me.  However, last night's VP debate was a bit different. Here are some of the emotional reactions I had in response to the event:

I was impressed:
Sarah went to "school" and memorized a whole lot o' crap AND Joe went to "school" and has learned to cut down on the crap.

I was exhausted:
because both candidates are hyperactive talkers and it made me tired just listening to them for 90 minutes.

I was stymied:
because both debaters agreed on so much.

I was disappointed:
that both campaigns believe the American voter is so stupid that eventually they'll believe anything if you say it enough. (e.g. Obama wants to raise taxes! McCain and Bush are the same!)

I was depressed:
that American voters are so stupid (see 2004) that we fall for the same partisan lies election after election.

I was stupified:
that noted journalist Glen Iffel didn't follow up on some of the more outrageous statements such as "John McCain knows how to win a war."  Sarah, we lost in Vietnam and John was a prisoner for most of it!

I was astounded:
that it was the man that choked back a tear and the woman that was hard as nails!

I was puzzled:
that Sarah had five kids and that Joe is just an average Joe. Neither of them look like that is possible.  In fact, from their appearance and speech alone, Sarah looks and sounds like a Democrat and Joe looks and sounds like a Republican.

I was amused:
that the women who are most like Ms. Palin (focused, driven, overextended with family and career) are the most vociferous against her. I saw some of their reactions on Twitter during the debate.

I was flabberghasted:
when Sarah said -- right at the beginning -- that she is not going to answer the questions but she'll "speak directly to the American people!"  I guess we have no choice but to listen.

I was entertained:
when Sarah did her Tina Fey impressions so well!  :-)

And finally, I was unconvinced:
that anyone would change their vote because of this debate. Sarah didn't blow it, neither did Joe but at the end of the night, there were no revelations.

What did you think?

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