Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Older I Get...

The more I like work (!)

The less I like commuting to work.

The more I find people fascinating.

The less I like large get-togethers.

The more I like prefer small groups of people.

The less of think that "more" of everything is better.

The more I appreciate birds. and nature in general.

The less I trust government.

The more I like football and baseball.

The less I watch basketball and hockey.

The more amazed I am at how heroic average people can be (check the front page of any major newpaper during a catatrophe).

The more disappointed I am at how greedy people can be. (Check the financial sections of your newpaper).

The less I think that law is about justice.

The more I think justice can actually be prevented by lawyers.

The more I like independent films.

The more I like Hollywood films, too.

The more I realize that you can't get peace through war.

The less I like politicians who claim we can.

The more I realize that the truth is not absolute but lies are absolute.

The less I like political races.

The more I like the concept of life.

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