Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Music and Other Anomalies

As we approach the year's end, here are some random thoughts you can stick around your celebratory conifer, if you have one, be it artificial, real or imagined.

The humanist movement is growing. In case you have not kept up, atheists, agnostics and other doubting Thomas's are turning to a new ethics code called "humanism." While they have decided that while they don't believe in a rewarding afterlife, they pledge to live life as if they did. 60 such Humanists gathered in Horsham, PA, on Dec 23 not to celebrate a religious holiday, but only for the Winter Soltice. I think this same bunch of guys were called Druids back in the day.

Happy Holidays? Just try it, buster! There is a new corporate ethos that recognizes there are those who don't believe in holidays of any sort. So, we employees are careful in choosing to offer any good wishes in the context of any holidays. This leaves us with the the highly sanitized "Have Good Day."  P.S. I think if someone doesn't celebrate holidays, they ought to come in to work. :-)

Actually, I can understand why people don't celebrate holidays. For instance, the Songs of the Season are enough to make one yak if heard too often. There was a time when I really couldn't stand to hear another version of Frosty or Sleigh Ride or Rockin' Round the Christmas Tree.  

But now I think the aging process has killed some of the brain cells where I stored that that type of thinking.  I've come to find them relaxing.  I especially like Ave Maria, The Prayer, and even the religious O Holy Night.  And so, it is particularly curious that when I brought home some new, very relaxing Christmas Music, my Bose entertainment system broke this year.  Not only do I have to mail it in to get service in just 3-4 weeks, 6 of my favorite Holiday music disks are jammed in it.  Ho. ho. ho.

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