Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year for the 62nd Time

The year 2008 has become a historical record.  I personally mark this as the 62nd new year for me.    I hope that I have learned some true things while taking this trips around the sun and at the risk of sounding trite or cliche-ish, here are a few of my observations about the year past.  

I celebrated the election of Barrack Obama.  Never in my lifetime, knowing the amount of prejudice and fear many folks of my generation and of the one before me, did I expect this to happen. I believe this event is a clear sign of hope for our future as a country and as a human race. God knows we need it!

I am appalled at our no end to greed. It has poisoned a world economic system. I don't see any end to it soon.  But in the suffering that will occur, the system will right itself.  Have we learned our lesson though? Or will we always chase the quick buck?  The scheme?

I celebrate each of my family member's individual accomplishments this year especially in overcoming obstacles and still remaining -- sometimes unreasonably -- positive. I have the most positive and uplifting family ever.  We occasionally stumble and fall, but then we get up. 

Not that you asked, but here is a list of people who touched me even though I never met or will ever meet andy of them:  Heath Ledger, Paul Newman, Randy Pausch, Tony Snow, Bobby Fischer, George Carlin, Charlton Heston, Tim Russert.  Some of these were courageous in a losing battles, some were brilliant but tormented, some were pretentious but left us with a greater knowledge, and some took us to places we'd never been. They all were teachers in there own ways.  All were human and flawed as humans will be. And all of them left a lasting impression on the world around them. 

I mourn over 4800 servicemen and women who died in Iraq and Afghanistan during the past 7 years.  We should spend special love and shoutouts go to the families of those who died in this nation's service. Their sacrifices speak out about their willingness to shoulder a serous responsibility during a point in history where it is the norm to shirk responsibility.  For young and old alike.  A hope for 2009: not one more pays the price.  

A final note:  Aunt Myrtle died this year.  A good and kind soul. she was 94 years old whose mind was clear to the end.  She was a teacher. She always wrote to us every Christmas by hand and looked forward to news about her great niece and nephew (my daughter and son).   Is it coincidence that her life ended when a new one began in the family?  Her great grand niece (my granddaughter) is scheduled to make an appearance this coming April. 

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