Monday, April 6, 2009

Letter to Aubrey

Hey there! You are a day old in this photo and it's about time Grandpa gave you a public hearty Blog welcome to Richmond, Virginia, USA, Earth. Yes, I know you've been around for several months now, but I think you'll agree it is a lot different out here!

You probably noticed it's much colder and louder and -- oh-- those lights! Who turned on all these lights? Ouch.

And I'll bet you a binky that the cafeteria service was a lot more convenient in your last location. There was even free home delivery at Mom's Restaurant. But now you have to work to get your milk on.

Aubrey, I hate to tell you but there is a lot more that's different out here. Some of it is good, some of it isn't too swell. In fact, dear granddaughter, some of it is downright nasty.

But all in all, I think you'll enjoy the trip. I know I have. 

OK, its not all going to be the cream of the milk, if you know what I mean. But. you'll find that there is lots to play with and you'll be able to experience some of the modern marvels soon enough. Something called the "internet" and something else called "miniaturization" has led to all sorts of marvels, I wonder what your Dad's I-phone will look like when you are a teenager. Whatever it looks like or can do, you won't even be amazed like we are now. You will grow up hand-in-hand with tech and you won't know life without it.

So much has changed since Grandpa took his first trip to the world,  it makes my head spin. I can't begin to tell you, and you wouldn't believe, what life was like when I grew up. Someday, when you can pay attention better, Grandpa will regale you many old time stories such as "Did you know we had to walk 12 feet to change the channel on the TV?" Yes, life was harder then.

But there are some things that have changed from when I grew up that Grandpa thinks aren't so good. For instance, you'll have to make decisions about some very serious things at a very early age. Grandpa never found out about most of that stuff until he went to college! Really. College! I'll tell you about some of those escapades later when Mommy and Daddy aren't around. As for you, I hope when you are faced with those choices, you'll draw upon the values your Mom and Dad teach you over the next few years and do the right thing.  

Oh, just reminded myself to tell you later. Aubrey, sweetheart, the North did win the war ... no matter what your Mommy tells you! :-)

What's It Like to be a Grandpa?

Many people have asked me this question and I haven't found the right answer to this question yet. More than anything, when I try to express an answer, nothing comes out.

I guess that's because there is no good answer. I feel a little bit of everything.  The most overpowering emotion was how much joy I felt when I say Aubrey for the first time.  Another moment was when Rita said to me that "the replacements are here."  Yikes, what a feeling of mortality that brings on.  Mos def, I have entered a new stage of life which will be a really great stage.  I look forward greatly to seeing Aubrey grow, and for me to retire, to do more things that I like to do, to enjoy a simpler life.  

And for doing some new things, I don't know what those things are yet.  We'll see what comes around the bend.


  1. Bob,

    This is great! I think Aubrey will get a kick out of reading this later in life...and hearing your many stories (but don't keep telling her the North won the war; she will be so confused)! No doubt, you're off to an awesome start, grandpa!


  2. Very nice, Bob! And she looks just like you, especially in that hat. ;-)


  3. Bob - thanks for sharing. You brought a smile to my face.