Thursday, January 28, 2010

I never thought I would see the day

...that I would so enjoy the sunsets and sunrises like we have here on the water almost daily. Right here is New Jersey!

...that I would use such wondrous and magical tools like the internet. With applications like Facebook, the net eliminates the boundaries of distance and even time. I have traveled back in time to reconnect with long-lost friends. Friends from grammar school, high school, college, Air Force, my working career that has spanned 36 years. These renewed friendships enrich my life and provide an unique joy to this journey once again.

...that I would be shocked that a man who once posed totally nude in a magazine could get elected to the Senate. He happens to be a Republican. What happened to "family" values that party is so proud of? By the way, there is great irony in this victory as the seat that was filled was Ted Kennedy's, the champion of Healthcare reform.

...that I would be asked to play Andy Rooney in an upcoming company video. OMG, do I look that old? Please don't answer! Now what's this I found in my desk drawer? Carbon paper?

...that I would hear the vitriolic ranting that the conservative and liberal media hosts -- not to mention politicians -- offer to their listeners. Olbermann calls Scott Brown every foul name in the book on air just after Brown is elected. Limbaugh says "Haiti is tailor-made situation for Obama" as if Obama can score points from it. Hannity compares Obama to Hitler, the greatest monster in history of mankind. Does anyone else find this repulsive? Why the hell aren't sponsors bailing out on these guys? Free speech -- yes. Lying and slandering -- no. It's up to us to tune out and then advertisers to bail out fom these guys.

...that I would be disappointed that the seemingly smart and educated people we elect to represent us as Senators and Representatives turn into gang members in Washington, They join one of the two political gangs in Washington and they apparently swear allegiance to the red or the blue and they vote as if they share the same brain. When you're a Jet, you're a Jet all the way.

...and that I would be amazed that Apple named its new tablet computer the I-Pad. There couldn't have been a woman in the room when they picked that name!

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