Thursday, February 25, 2010

Will Someone Speak for the 14 Million Children?

The debate on national healthcare rages on in the legislative branch of our government and the party lines are firmly drawn. The Democrats say let's get this done and the Republicans say no way. Our taxes will be too much. The verbal exchanges are wild-eyed and vituperative. Socialists! Naysayers! Liars! Election focused ranting! Fascists! Hitler! This is all sickening. Is there a sane person in our congress? Is there a hero that can break this deadlock?

Can someone speak up for the 14 million children (19% of the nation's children) who live in poverty and can't afford basic life services like food much less medical care (these are 2008 statistics from Feeding America)? Will a Democrat stand up and sacrifice his pork barrel legislation to the health bill for the children's sake?

Can someone in the Republican party come up with an alternate plan to provide affordable medical care to the 47 million Americans who don't have any healthcare coverage? Or is there no hope? Or do we just tell the poor and the sick to go to the emergency room, knowing that some may never go or only go when they are so sick that major medical intervention is needed. BTW, who do you think pays for this in the end?

And can someone tell the radio talk show hosts that it's too late. America embraced socialism many years ago. Even these bilious windbags will collect social security when they get old, take advantage of Medicare healthcare benefits when they need them, have their special needs children and grandchildren be given appropriate schooling by law, and they will even collect unemployment if they get fired from their jobs (not soon enough!). If these aren't "socialist" welfare programs, then what is?

Can someone speak up and tell us? Can we get this done and do the right thing?

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